Supported by the Cuomo Foundation - Argentinian scientist's study selected for two significant international environmental protection support initiatives

2024 Feb 02

Carbon offsetting opportunities for cattle ranching in the South American dry woodlands…
Cultural Event Held at the Chiostro Dei Genovesi

2024 Jan 19

Depuis plus de 14 ans, Maestro Marcella Crudeli organise tous les mois une rencontre culturelle qui allie la musique à l’intervention d’un invité d’honneur qui vient partager, devant un public fidèle, ses connaissances dans son domaine de prédilection. 
Innovative Project for Adults with ASD Gains Major Funding through Cuomo Foundation’s Partnership with Monaco Disease Power

2024 Jan 18

The Cuomo Foundation and Monaco Disease Power Association have partnered to establish an accommodation facility for adults with autism spectrum disorder.
The Cuomo Foundation provides aid for victims of cyclone Michaung in India

2024 Jan 04

The Cuomo Foundation has granted €11,000 to the diocese of Chingleput as a flood relief fund.
Press release from the Grand Chancellery of the Legion of Honour - 13/12/2023

2023 Dec 14

During a meeting at the Grand Chancellery, Maria Elena Cuomo and General François Lecointre expressed their delight at this new collaboration…
Cuomo Foundation joins the applause and acclaim for the 32nd Roma International Piano Competition

2023 Nov 27

The 32nd edition of the International Piano Competition "Roma" ended with a magnificent concert held in the historic Oratorio di San Francesco del Caravita in Rome on November 16th, 2023.
The Cuomo Foundation-funded researcher appointed as a 'One Young World' Ambassador

2023 Nov 09

Thanks to the Cuomo Foundation for being a supporter at the beginning of my developmental journey!
Gifted young pianists’ triumph at the Roma International Piano Competition,2023

2023 Nov 06

The 32nd Roma International Piano Competition commenced last Friday, with the younger international piano students competing in the Young Pianist section.
The 32nd International Piano Competition "Roma" holds its press conference with a piano recital at the Rome City Hall

2023 Oct 26

A press conference to mark officially the launch of the 32nd edition of the Roma International Piano competition was held on the 16th of October at the Protomoteca Hall of the Rome City Hall.
Innovative learning space for the historical ‘Legion of Honour’ House of Saint-Denis, high school

2023 Sep 28

As a significant and contemporary institution, the Legion of Honour is a crucial component of the French nation's heritage.
Argentina to Italy: Cuomo Foundation recipients are honoured as eco-citizenship role models

2023 Sep 14

Two beneficiaries of the Cuomo Foundation were recently publicly recognized for their eco-responsible practices.
Alessandro D'Aiutolo: winner of the "Cuomo Foundation Special Prize" at the Premio Roma Danza 2023

2023 Aug 04

Alessandro D'Aiutolo's ambitions include choreographing shows, collaborating with renowned directors and professional dancers, and touring in Italy and abroad.
Premio Roma Danza 2023

2023 Jul 17

The Roma Danza Prize, an international competition focusing on dance interpretation and dance videos, concluded its 21st edition on July 12th with a Gala performance and prize giving evening.
Cuomo Foundation-supported young scientist chosen for Re.Generation Future Leaders cohort 2023/2024

2023 Jul 13

Quatre ans après sa qualification au titre de lauréat 2019-2021 du programme de bourse du GIEC, le Docteur Pedro Fernandez participe, du 2 au 14 juillet 2023, à une résidence de deux semaines, organisée par la Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco.
Re.Generation Programme is launched-Cuomo Foundation is a partner

2023 Jun 30

Un campus d'été visant à former les futurs dirigeants en les sensibilisant à tous les enjeux majeurs du monde actuel.
‘Exploits sans Frontière’ accepts essential donations at reception held at Cuomo Foundation headquarters on June 27

2023 Jun 30

‘Exploits sans Frontière’ arranges sports activities for young people with disabilities and those facing social difficulties in Nice.
Annual Report 2022

2023 Jun 23

……In my role as president of the Cuomo Foundation, I have the professional responsibility of offering a platform that can promote and facilitate significant commitments to support communities and aid individuals and hopefully create positive change in the world…
The 2023 edition of the Challenge Sainte Dévote

2023 Apr 24

The sporting event, which the organizers like to describe as the Rugby World Cup for Under-12s, brought together 300 players from 17 countries this year.
Building the Future: The Experience of the Green School in South India

2023 Mar 21

Nous célébrons cette année le quatrième anniversaire de notre école pilote construite dans la région rurale de Mambakkam, Tamil Nadu, Inde du Sud.
The IPCC unveils its 6th report on climate change

2023 Mar 20

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is set to unveil the synthesis of its 6th report on climate change on Monday, March 20, 2023.
"We live on a planet where we have everything we need, but aren' we all destroying it?"

2023 Mar 09

Interview with Mahmoud Baba Ly, visual artist from Senegal
The Cuomo Cardio-Paediatric Centre successfully completes its 1,000th open-heart procedure

2023 Mar 06

The Cuomo Cardio-Paediatric Centre in Dakar (CCPC) celebrated its 1,000th open-heart surgery on February 28th.
The Cuomo Foundation Celebrates Ten Years of Support for the Sainte Devote Tournament

2023 Jan 31

Since 2013, the foundation has granted the Monaco Rugby Federation more than 90,000 euros.
Cuomo Foundation is guest of honour at award ceremony for 31st Roma International Piano Competition held at the Roma Tre University

2022 Nov 24

On November 16, the gala finale of Maestro Marcella Crudeli’s 31st International Piano Competition “Roma” was held in Rome.
Innovative Senegalese Artist unveils his latest work at the Presidential Palace in Dakar

2022 Nov 15

To honour the country’s “Armed forces Day” celebrations, His Excellency Mr. Macky Sall, the President of the Republic of Senegal, commissioned a commemorative artwork from Manufactures Sénégalaises Des Arts Décoratifs, MSAD.
The Monaco Government and the Cuomo Foundation commit to assisting vulnerable children in Burkina Faso

2022 Nov 14

This three-year project will be supported by Samusocial Burkina Faso and Samusocial International (2022-2024).
Dr Cataldo, guest speaker at international medical conference in Venice

2022 Nov 07

Lors de la conférence médicale internationale « Dermatologie à Venise », qui s’est tenue du 27 au 29 octobre à l’hôtel NH, Laguna Palace, le Docteur Daniel Cataldo, spécialiste de la chirurgie reconstructive du visage, a fait une présentation. Intitulée « Cancrum oris, mon expérien...
New Scholarship support for courageous young Senegalese student accepted into the University of Nantes, France

2022 Oct 25

This Autumn, Awa successfully applied to the University of Nantes in France to study for a 1 yr. degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology.
Foundation funds international distribution of special edition of ‘Facial Reconstructive Surgery’ by Dr Daniel Cataldo

2022 Oct 04

The Cuomo Foundation has agreed to fund and promote the distribution of limited special edition copies of ‘Facial Reconstructive Surgery’ to prestigious medical institutions and universities across Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.
The Cuomo Foundation funds “Entreparents” a digital resource for new parents

2022 Sep 08

“Entreparents” is a new model of pre- and post-natal support and information for parents in the Principality of Monaco and the surrounding area.
The Foundation continues its commitment to the arts by supporting the 20th edition of “Premio Roma Danza” at the National Academy of Dance in Rome.

2022 Jul 26

After the last two years of online and remote-organized editions forced by the Covid hiatus, the “Premio Roma Danza “competition finally returned to being live on the “Teatro Grande” stage.
President's Foreword - From 2022 Annual Report

2022 Jul 22

En temps normal, la Fondation et tous nos partenaires – qui ont contribué ou ont été soutenus par nos actions et initiatives pendant toutes ces années – auraient fêté cet anniversaire avec joie…
"An informed citizenry builds a better world" - Brazilian scientist's work praised by local press

2022 Jul 11

"EducAir: raising awareness among populations about the risks of smoke from fires," a postdoctoral study led by Dr. Igor Oliveira Ribeiro.
Foundation supports new research in the ‘Third Pole’ by Chinese IPCC Scholarship awardee

2022 Jun 27

Three of Dr. Li’s research papers were cited in the recently released IPCC’s AR6 Working Group II Report.
The Cuomo Foundation supports "Babel," a 'participatory' opera produced by Opéra Nice Côte d'Azur

2022 Jun 21

Continuing its involvement in artistic patronage, the Cuomo Foundation is providing support for "Babel," a so-called "participatory" opera featuring young schoolchildren from Nice, specially recruited for the occasion.
Cuomo Foundation supports new research programme on deforestation impact on Gran Chaco in South America

2022 Jun 02

A project initiated by Dr Pedro Fernandez, an Argentine climate change researcher and recipient of the IPCC scholarship Programme 2019-2021
Cuomo Foundation principal sponsor of 8th edition of “Les Itinéraires Artistiques de Saint-Louis 2022”

2022 May 31

The 8th edition of the “Itinéraires artistiques de Saint-Louis” was opened by an official delegation representing the Senegalese Minister of Culture, Mr Abdoulaye Diop, on the 7th May, 2022.
Cuban renewable energy project continues to grow and be supported by the Foundation

2022 Mar 14

The programme aims are to develop and train local populations and assist their communities to encourage green energy production.
Rome: The "Premio Roma Danza" competition will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year

2022 Mar 10

Depuis 2019, la Fondation Cuomo soutient cet événement culturel en qualité de son sponsor principal.
Foundation funded IPCC doctoral scholar Dr Dongfeng Li’s research cited in latest IPCC report

2022 Mar 04

In IPCC’s recently released AR6 Working Group II Report ,three of Dr Dongfeng Li’s research papers are cited in the contributions in Chapters 4 and 5.
Amazonas communities help monitor real-time air quality

2022 Feb 25

Un projet de recherche soutenu par la Fondation Cuomo…
Cuomo Foundation participates in panel discussion at Health & Wellness week – Expo2020, Dubai

2022 Feb 03

Une journée consacrée à la santé et au bien-être…
The grand dame of DORA murals at the Royal Court of Tiébélé honoured as a ‘Living Human Treasure’

2021 Dec 21

Un site patrimonial burkinabé de grande importance, soutenu par la Fondation Cuomo
Monaco Conference on Autism and Mental Disability – third edition

2021 Dec 07

The association Monaco Disease Power organised the “Third Monaco Conference on Autism and Mental Disability” on 27 November, 2021.The event was held at the Lycée Technique et Hôtelier de Monaco.
Cuomo Foundation awards the Chopin Prize to winners of the 30th “Roma” International Piano Competition

2021 Nov 17

The Cuomo Foundation has sponsored and supported this cultural event since 2004.
“I just wanted to tell you that the Cuomo foundation has helped me to pursue my career and to obtain an identity for myself”

2021 Nov 08

Thank you for all the help you have given me, as well as the many thousands and thousands of students like me…
A Cuomo Foundation-funded IPCC Scholarship researcher has been recognised in the prestigious international journal SCIENCE

2021 Nov 02

On October 29, 2021, the journal “Science” published a paper titled “Exceptional increases in river sediment fluxes in increasingly hot and humid Asian highlands” by Dr. Dongfeng Li and his scientific team.
The IPCC Scholarship Programme Awards 2021/23 research students announced at a special ceremony in Monaco

2021 Nov 02

The newly selected class of 2021/23 PhD student researchers for the IPCC Scholarship Programme arrived in Monaco to receive their certificates.
Maestro Marcella Crudeli’s Musical Salons

2021 Oct 29

On Saturday October 2nd, the magnificent Cloister of the Confraternity of San Giovanni Battista dei Genovesi in Rome’s Trastevere district was filled with music and enthusiasm.
The Positive Impact of The Cuomo Foundation’s Scholarship Programs in Tamil Nadu, South India

2021 Oct 22

Since 2004, the Cuomo Foundation has provided scholarships for further education to the most promising students from the schools it funds in Tamil Nadu, South India.
The documentary film by researcher Pedro Fernandez on the ecosystems of the Gran Chaco, Argentina

2021 Oct 20

Les études menées par Pedro Fernandez attestent que le sylvopastoralisme pourrait enfin fédérer l’économie régionale et l’écosystème du Gran Chaco…
Maestro Marcella Crudeli’s Musical Salons

2021 Oct 08

On Saturday October 2nd, the magnificent Cloister of the Confraternity of San Giovanni Battista dei Genovesi in Rome’s Trastevere district was filled with music and enthusiasm.
Cuomo Foundation supports the Zeine Associations’ latest social action aid to assist IDPs in Burkina Faso

2021 Sep 14

The Zeine Association in Gorom-Gorom is a grassroots organisation that actively promotes social projects to benefit its largely agricultural farming community.
Partial Reopening of Schools and Colleges in Tamil Nadu, India

2021 Sep 06

As per the order of Tamil Nadu government, the schools and colleges across the State were reopened on Sep 1 following strict health guidelines.
Brazilian researcher, funded by the Cuomo Foundation, expands his PhD research with a new initiative to protect public health.

2021 Sep 02

While the enormous impact of deforestation and fires in the Amazonian rain forest on biodiversity, climate change, and the economy is well known, the broader impact on public health has received less attention.
Alfredo Cuomo Higher Sec. School joins the “FIT INDIA School” movement

2021 Jul 16

The FIT INDIA Movement was launched as a Narendra Modi government initiative in 2019 ,with the aims of encouraging physical education and activity in the daily lives of Indians especially the young.
19th edition of the “Premio Roma Danza” focusses again on Video -Dance

2021 Jul 15

La XIXe édition du concours de danse « Premio Roma Danza » s’est tenue du 8 au 12 juillet 2021 au sein de l’Accademia Nazionale di Danza à Rome.
Maestro Marcella Crudeli receives Order of the Merit of the Italian Republic

2021 Jun 17

Maestro Marcella Crudeli, a renowned international pianist, has been awarded the Grand Officer of Merit of the Italian Republic in recognition of her achievements in a long and prestigious musical career.
The “Itinéraires artistiques de Saint-Louis” of Senegal sponsored by the Cuomo Foundation

2021 Jun 10

The 7th edition of the Itinéraires artistiques de Saint-Louis, delayed by the global Covid health situation, was finally able to officially open to the public on 5 June,2021.
Vietnamese researcher funded by the Cuomo Foundation-IPCC Scholarship program gains place on Prestigious Fulbright (VSP)

2021 May 27

Vietnamese specialist in Water Resources Engineering, Dr. Tran Anh Duong has been selected into the highly competitive Fulbright US-ASEAN Vietnamese Visiting Scholar Program 2020.
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