The Monaco Government and the Cuomo Foundation commit to assisting vulnerable children in Burkina Faso


The Monaco Government and the Cuomo Foundation commit to assisting vulnerable children in Burkina Faso
Communiqué | Coopération monégasque au développement
Monaco, 11 November, 2022 – This three-year project will be supported by Samusocial Burkina Faso and Samusocial International (2022-2024).

Its objectives include the construction of a reception and accommodation centre for children and young adults living on the streets, the assistance of displaced families with children, and the implementation of support programmes for those leaving the streets. After ten years of collaboration, the Monegasque Cooperation renewed its support for Samusocial Burkina Faso for another three years at the beginning of this year.

The Cuomo Foundation has committed to making an additional contribution over the next two years (2022-2023), which will be used to purchase land and build an emergency shelter. This funding will allow Samusocial Burkina Faso to continue its work with street children.

Thus, the Government of Monaco and the Cuomo Foundation affirm their commitment to cooperating in order to protect children in accordance with the 1989 International Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Consider that Burkina Faso has recently been struggling with several crises (security, political, health, etc.), which have caused major population shifts inside the nation. Over 60% of the approximately 2 million displaced people in Burkina Faso today are children. Children, particularly those living on the streets, continue to experience deprivation and violations of their right to protection as a result of the economic and social effects of these crises and displacements.

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