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The Cuomo Foundation

In the Principality since 2001

About US

Since 2001

Supporting education and social welfare of the Principality

The Foundation headquarters were established in Monaco in 2001 and it supports many of the Principalitie’s charitable organisations and activities.

The following governmental and non-governmental organisations of the Principality are partners, past and present, of our organisation : Monaco Red Cross, Monaco Disease PowerChildren & Future, Fédération Monégasque de Rugby, International Junior Chamber (JCI), Principality of Monaco Town Hall…



In partnership with the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation (FPA2)

Monaco Red Cross

The Foundation has supported the Monaco Red Cross Scholarship Program since 2001.

The annual scholarship enables less advantaged pupils and university students from Monaco and the surrounding municipalities to benefit and be supported in their studies.

Due to this support, 41 students were able to continue their studies in 2019.

Euros expenditure since 2002

No Finish Line Monaco

Since 2009 the Cuomo Foundation has been one of the main sponsors of the annual NFL held in Monaco. Open to all ages and abilities, this amateur marathon event raises over €350,000 each year. All proceeds go to the Association Children & Future, a Monaco-based non-profit organisation, which aims to provide assistance and support through specific projects for underprivileged and sick children around the world.

Each year the Foundation recruits a team of employees, friends and supporters who take part in this fun and worthwhile event.

Euros expenditure since 2009

Municipality of Monaco-Town Hall

Social services and Home support actions

In 2010 the Cuomo Foundation fully sponsored the purchase of a refrigerated van to donate to the Municipality of Monaco -Town Hall services for Seniors and Social Action. The specialized van joined the catering meals on wheels delivery service which was launched in 1987.The service operates daily, all year round and provides vital support to over 180 vulnerable persons.

Today, 10 years later, the Foundation has renewed its support for the Town Halls ’social actions by donating a zero-emissions electric refrigerated van to the delivery service. This latest support is in line with the Foundations social and eco-friendly actions.

In 2013, the Foundation continued its support of social welfare schemes initiated by the Municipality of Monaco by contributing to the ESPACE SNOEZELEN project. Based on the Snoezelen method of multi-sensory stimulation it provides a therapeutic environment for persons with developmental disabilities or dementia.

Early Childhood services

In 2011, the Foundation contributed to the opening of two nurseries operated by the Town Hall Services for Early Childhood. Named A Riturnela and A Ribambela these day care centres are able to accommodate around 20 young toddlers.

Euros expenditure

Monaco Disease Power

In 2013, La Maison d’Amélie officially opened in the French region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. The residential respite holiday home is equipped to accommodate up to 20 disabled children and adults along with their families to enable them to rest and relax in a peaceful and appropriately adapted environment.

The Cuomo Foundation, with other partners, supported and funded the development and construction of this innovative project for the Association Monaco Disease Power. The Foundation remains involved in the maintenance and running of this exciting project.

Euros expenditure since 2012

Sainte-Dévote Rugby Challenge

Since 2013 the Cuomo Foundation has been one of the sponsors of the Sainte-Dévote Tournament organized by the Fédération Monégasque de Rugby and the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation.

This annual event promotes the idea of ‘Rugby for All’. Young teams from all over the world participate together and special training practice programmes are designed for the differently abled. The event is open to boys and girls aged under 12 years.

Euros expenditure since 2013

Festival For The Earth

Organised by the Italian visual artist Maria Rebecca Ballestra, a resident of Monaco, the FOR is an international forum addressing to broader audiences on possibilities of transformations, reflections and alternative options to reframe environmental issues.
The 4th edition of the Festival for the Earth (FOR) was held on 6th and 7th November 2019 at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco.

The program is a series of talks, workshops, and events where international scientists, researchers, artists and activists aim to highlight eco-responsible lifestyles and sustainable business models.
The events main sponsors are the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Climate Change (CMCC) and the Ca’Foscari University of Venice. The Cuomo Foundation became a principal sponsor for the 2019 festival and its Project Manager, Ruth Gomez, presented a talk on its actions and the connections of artistic and ecological fields.

Euros expenditure in 2019

Completed Projects

Sene’Gala, The Painting Competition

Alfredo Cuomo was an enthusiastic supporter of the Arts. He always encouraged young inspiring artists in the many countries he visited. Alfredo and Elena Cuomo especially appreciated African Art and decided to find a way to bring some of the new exciting artists, they had encountered in Senegal, to a wider audience.

In 2008, they created and supported a painting competition to be held in Monaco. They selected a jury of African Art specialists in Senegal who viewed over 60 different artist’s work. 10 Senegalese Artists were selected to bring their work to Monaco for the final stage of the competition.

In November 2008, at the Hotel de Paris in Monaco, an exhibition was mounted of their paintings. The highlight of the program was a special dinner auction evening which benefited the artists. Financial prizes given by the Credit Foncier de Monaco Bank, the Monaco Red Cross and the Cuomo Foundation, were also awarded to the winners.

Euros expenditure

European Best Social Business Plan Competition

Since its creation in 1995, European Best Social Business Plan Competition attests the Junior Chamber International Monaco (JCI) interest on innovative business development in the Principality.

The Cuomo Foundation supported this initiative in 2012 and 2013.

Mrs Maria Elena Cuomo chaired the jury of the 2013 competition. A special “Coup de Coeur” award was granted to Mrs Cigdem Haznedar for her innovative business plan. This financial award was funded by the Cuomo Foundation.

This support allowed Mrs Cigdem Haznedar to open her first beauty salon in Turkey. Her professional ambitions are to open franchises all over Turkey and encourage women to find employment and become more independent.

Euros expenditure

Princess Grace of Monaco Hospital (CHPG)

In 2009, the Cuomo Foundation fully sponsored the purchase of a “Tissue-Tek Xpress x120” machine for the Princess Grace of Monaco Hospital (CHPG). This donation enabled the Histology and Pathology departments to further upgrade and improve the speed of their tissue processing results.

In March 2014, the Foundation again supported the Monacan hospital by funding a new machine “ANI Monitorage PhysioDoloris” for the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit.

The CHPG of Monaco is one of the pioneering hospitals in the world to adopt this new “PhysioDoloris” technology, a manoeuvre which allows medical personnel to quantify the pain felt by anaesthetised patients.

Euros expenditure

Scholarship: Mr Benoît Pasquier

Between 2014 and 2015, the Foundation granted an individual scholarship to a former Polytechnique student, Benoît Pasquier from Monaco. This researcher was introduced by Philippe Narmino, the Vice-president of Monaco Red Cross, a long-time partner of the Cuomo Foundation.

Based in New South Wales University, Sidney, Australia, Mr Pasquier prepared a doctoral thesis on ocean fluid dynamics. His study focused on transformation of inorganic elements into organic matter as well its transportation around the globe through the ocean tides.

Foundation’s scholarships made this demanding research possible, which is poised to contribute to our understanding of issues related to the current ecological issues.

Euros expenditure

Plant for The Planet

Inspired by Wangari Maathai, who planted 30 million trees in Africa in 30 years, Felix formulated his vision: Children could plant one million trees in every country on earth and thereby offset CO2 emissions all on their own, while adults are still talking about doing it. Each tree binds a CO2 intake of 10 kg per year.

On 28th October, 2013 the Cuomo Foundation invited the young Felix Finkbeiner to present his charity during the Valve Repair Trilogy Conference organised by the company Edward Lifescience in Monaco.

Felix is the Founder of “Plant for The Planet”, a children’s initiative that aims to raise awareness on the issues of climate change. During this event, the Cuomo Foundation agreed to sponsor the planting of 5,000 trees in Mexico, a Plant for the Planet action.

Euros expenditure

Scholarship: Ms Clara Froget

Clara Froget is a young French tennis player who won the French Championship in 2014 in her age category. She was ranked -4/6, the best French ranking for her age.

Between 2014 and 2019, the Foundation helped her with her academics. The scholarship allowed her to follow a tailor-made course, particularly adapted to the specific needs required by her sporting career.

Euros expenditure

Princess Grace Academy

Directed since 2009 by renowned dancer and teacher Luca Masala, the Princess Grace Dance Academy is known around the world for its high teaching standards and the level of talent, commitment and professionalism of its graduates.

Between 2014 and 2019, the Foundation’s funding has allowed 75 scholarships to be awarded to young pupils from around the world. This funding also helped the institute strengthen its academic offer through the renewal of a pianist position and securing teachers’ salaries.

Euros expenditure

Ecoute cancer réconfort

Ecoute Cancer Réconfort

Ecoute Cancer Réconfort is a Monaco-based association whose mission is to provide help and comfort to people suffering from cancer. The association’s actions include hospital visits to patients, maintenance of a special unit facility for palliative care and various social activities designed to uplift the daily life of the cancer sufferer.

The Cuomo Foundation provides annual funding since 2011.

Euros expenditure

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