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Dr. Dongfeng Li at the Monaco headquarters of the Cuomo Foundation, September 2019

On October 29, 2021, the journal “Science” published a paper titled “Exceptional increases in river sediment fluxes in increasingly hot and humid Asian highlands” by Dr. Dongfeng Li and his scientific team.

“Science” founded originally in 1880 by the great American inventor Thomas Edison is the world’s best-selling peer-reviewed scientific journal, with an estimated readership of more than one million.

The young Chinese researcher was a member of the 2019/21 class of the IPCC scholarship programme, which the Cuomo Foundation has supported since 2013. In September 2021, he received his PhD for his thesis, ‘Water and sediment fluxes response to climate change in the Headwater Rivers of Asian Highlands.’

Dr. Dongfeng Li is currently affiliated with the National University of Singapore, where he is continuing his research on river sediment fluxes in the Asian highlands, termed the “Third Pole” due to its importance in regional ecosystems.

Dr. Dongfeng Li recently submitted to the Cuomo Foundation a new post-doctoral research proposal titled “Climate Change, Glacial Hazards, and Sediment Dynamics in Asia’s High Mountains.” His application is currently being considered. The publication of Dongfeng Li’s article in the prestigious ‘Science’ journal heralds professional recognition of his thesis’s high scientific quality.

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