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“Pongal” Festival Celebrated at the Mambakkam (S. India) School Compound

Pongal is a Hindu harvest festival celebrated in India, particularly in the Tamil community. The school supported by the Cuomo Foundation celebrated the festival in grand fashion, as it was reported by the local TV channel.

Centre Cardio-Pédiatrique Cuomo

A video produced by the AND – Accademia nazionale di danza (Italy), partner of the Cuomo Foundaiton, during the recent visit of Enrica Palmieri, the AND Director, to the Centre Cardio-Pédiatrique Cuomo in Dakar, Senegal. 

Cuomo Foundation’s Annual Christmas Cocktail

Cuomo Foundation’s traditional Christmas cocktail was held on Dec. 19 at the Foundation Headquarters with the participation of the South African born vocalist Stella Starr. 

Merry Christmas from our Schools in India…

The Cuomo Foundation fellows from Tamil Nadu, India sent us this amazing video to wish us all Merry Christmas while letting us know how important is this scholarship programme in their young lives

Étienne Drapeau au CCPC – Dakar

Étienne Drapeau, singer-songwriter, who came to accompany a Canadian medical team on a humanitarian mission to Dakar’s CCPC, gave a performance at the health facility—a music session that celebrated life…

“This Is Our Time”

IPCC/Cuomo Foundation Scholarships on Climate Change Research

“Today’s Hardships Are Tomorrow’s Strengths”

Years after their studies, four female beneficiaries of the Alfredo Cuomo Scholarship Programme speak their hearts out… Meet Jancy Rani, Richard Sophia, Gayatri Kumar and Chitra Stalin.

“Spread My Wings”

This is Roshan’s 3rd trip to Monaco. This time, the youngster’s Monaco stay is a preamble to a greater journey—one which takes him from Chennai to Brighton. His linguistic stay abroad is part of the Scholarship grant Roshan has been given by the Cuomo Foundation since 2013… Listen to Roshan’s testimonial.

Premio Roma Danza

The Cuomo Foundation’s latest partnership, Italy’s National Dance Academy, which organises the annual “Premio Roma” Dance Competition.

Inauguration of The Rural Green School Built by the Foundation

The Cuomo Foundation’s 7th school compound in Tamil Nadu went on to become the State’s first rural green school. It was awarded the “Platinum National Excellence” rating by the Indian Green Building Council.

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