Partnership with The Thuyloi University of Hanoi, Vietnam

Placed under the Supervision of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

An agreement was made in January 2016 between Thuyloi University of Hanoi and the Cuomo Foundation to establish, build and equip a qualified multimedia teaching room. This new teaching unit will serve as a language laboratory and an International Education Centre for its students.

In Partnership since 2016


Thuyloi University is recognised as a leading technical university in the field of water resources and hydropower in south East Asia. It offers a multi-disciplined curriculum in mechanics, transportation, construction, water supply and sewerage, IT, natural resources, environment disaster management, water resources, hydropower, economics and climate change from junior college to postgraduate level.

International Education Centre

The International Education Centre was implemented in a context where it is compulsory to study English as a subject for all the students of the university and all advanced programmes are taught in English.

Globally, English is increasingly the universal official language for teaching. The university recognises the need for an up-to-date international language centre to create a modern facilitated studying and research environment for students and staff so they are equipped with appropriate skills for careers in the future.

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