Support to Zeine Association

A Collective of Farmers from the Region of Oudalan, North of Burkina Faso
In 2010, local community leaders set up the Zeine Collective project in the market town of Gorom-Gorom, the capital of the Oudalan Province in northern Burkina Faso.
A busy market town, it is the capital of the Oudalan Province in the north of Burkina Faso.

The project drills and constructs safe drinking water wells and sanitation centres to allow the communities to have safe and local fresh water supplies. These actions have also enabled the local farmers and their livestock to benefit and thrive.

In addition the collective has set up the Alpha project, which runs adult literacy and numeracy classes in Gorom-Gorom and the nearby village of Tin-Akoff.

The Foundation has supported, in partnership, the Zeine Collective projects since 2012.

Endosing families with livestock to strengthen their economy

An ambitious new project was proposed in 2019 which the Foundation agreed to fully support. This new action program aims to strengthen the resilience of communities to climate change and food security through improving living conditions, diversifying sources of income and providing educational care for the young and disadvantaged.

Specifically, the program’s objectives are to :
-Improve access to drinking water for 200 households by rehabilitating 5 boreholes in the Zeine intervention zone.
-Improve the nutritional situation of 75 vulnerable households by providing 4 goats per household.
– Support the livestock of 500 households with the setup of a “pastoral bouli” that will provide water for more than 1,000 animals per year to strengthen the local economy – livestock farming is the province’s main income-generating activity.
– Provide schooling to 30 vulnerable children whose parents are severely socioeconomically disadvantaged.

Due to the sudden escalation of violence in the northwest of the country, many thousands of civilians have been forced to flee their homes in search of safety. These displaced are vicariously living in host communities. In response, the Zeine Association has extended their latest program to support some of these internally displaced refugees in their region.

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