Scholarship Agreement with International Film and Television School in Cuba

Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión (EICTV) – San Antonio de Los Baños

In 2016 a partnership was formed with the Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión (EICTV) to establish scholarships for students in need of funding.

Since 2016, a partnership is in effect between the Cuomo Foundation and the Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión (EICTV) which grants scholarships in the fields of film and audiovisual.


In Partnership since 2016

Established in 1986, the EICTV is a project under the hospices of the Foundation for New Latin American Cinema, based in Cuba.

The Escuela Internacional de Cine y TV (EICTV) of Cuba is an autonomous training school providing a creative nurturing environment for students attracted from over 55 countries. The school was founded in 1986 by a group of prominent intellectuals of the Latin American world : Columbian author Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Argentinean poet Fernando Birri and Cuban filmmaker Julio Garcia Espinosa.

Its initial aim was to support the development of national audio-visual industries in countries that lacked the infrastructures or resources to train their own professionals by providing free tuition. However, economic hardships imposed a fee-paying structure for non-Cuban students from 2006.

Today, 120 students from 50 countries follow a 3-year full-time course with specialisations in screenwriting, production, directing, photography, sound, editing and documentaries.

The school attracts international professional filmmakers as visiting professors of workshops and masterclasses.


Students community

Countries Represented

Scholarships granted so far

Fundings in €

2016 Group

Rosa Isela Ordóñez Viales (Costa Rica)

Eddy Rolendio Gamboa Guillermo (Guatemala)

José Homer Mora Acosta (Honduras)

2017/2020 Group

Alejandro Uzeda Achúcarro (Bolivia)

Amir Aether Valen Ali  (Trinidad-Tobago)

Angel María Molina Navarro  (Paraguay)

Hans Astrik Simpalo Morales  (Perú)

Marcela Navia Miranda   (Bolivia)

Marco Alfonso González Guillén (Perú)

Maria Felix Morales Lotz  (Nicaragua)

Maria Grazia Goya Barquet  (Ecuador)

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