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The Local association promotes education in the poverty-tricken area of Tiebele

The Dizénidani Association for the promotion of education in Tiebele (ADPET) operates in Tiebele, home to the Kassena people amongst the oldest ethnic tribes in southern Burkina Faso.

ADPET is a youth organisation founded in 2010 in a direct response to the lack of education and ignorance in that region relating to social, health and environmental issues.

Annual Summer Camp designed for Disadvantaged Children

A month-long, annual summer camp designed for school children provides daily educational classes and activities during the school vacations.Its activities cover the areas of disease awareness, civic education and environmental protection. The practice of sport is approached during the camp as a vital link in education and academic monitoring of the most disadvantaged and orphaned. Planting seedlings and collecting plastic waste are achieved daily through pracitcal sessions. An annual reforestation project by the children marks the end of the summer camp.

Annual painting Contest to Preserve Cultural Heritage

“Dora” painting contest is the other big annual event, which sees the girls from nearby schools participating in the safeguard of the traditional Kassena mural paintings.

“Dora” is a technique used in Tiebele’s famed Royal Court, a heritage site showcasing the richness of Gourunasi architecture this part of Burkina Faso is internationally renowned for.

The competition is also a moment of sharing and transmitting traditional values, where the elders pass by their oral knowledge to the youth.

This annual event supports a valuable tradition’s continued existence.

Dizénidani Football Cup

Dizénidani Cup football tournament is the 3rd major activity of the ADPET association.

Held annually, the contest, where the most advanced school teams of the region encounter their rivals, aims to convey, through football, the universal values of sport— solidarity on the top of it.

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