Photo : Waiting area of the Centre Cardio-Pédiatrique Cuomo, Dakar, Senegal – © 2016 Cuomo Foundation

In an interview published by Le Monde on June 14, 2017, German Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schaüble underlines the importance of the African continent in the current geopolitical scene and launched an international call for private investments in the continent. Admitting that the migratory crisis has opened the eyes of the German political class, Mr. Schaüble develops how the destiny of Africa is linked to that of its neighbour, Europe, “both by its potential and the risks it represents”.

The interview was conducted within the framework of a conference entitled “Compact with Africa” held ​​in Berlin from June12 – 13. This summit is a key project of the German presidency of the G20. It aims to improve conditions for sustainable private sector investment in African countries.

Given the current socio-economic context in which non-state bodies are increasingly assuming their role to act in the public interest, the German initiative is a welcome move. This is all the more fitting, considering that, within the current global economic recession, the governments seem to be withdrawing from the prerogatives which—once—were exclusively theirs.

The Foundation has shown this awareness in the recent years by massively investing in areas such as education, health and climate change. The Dakar Cardio-Pediatric Centre, set up as a multi-partnership venture between public and private stakeholders, is one such example. It responds to Mr. Schaüble’s appeal to the private actors: “We must refuse inertia and Take our share of responsibility in an increasingly integrated world “.

The economic co-operation to be implemented in Africa “on a voluntary basis” is to be launched with the help of other nations, led by India and China — two other countries where Foundation remains active.

Centre Cardio-Pédiatrique Cuomo, Dakar


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