The Fryderyk Chopin Association of Rome resumed its live musical events with the start of a series of concerts held at the Museo Nazionale delle Arti e Tradizioni Popolari in Rome. The first concert was held on the 4th of October and the National Museum of Folk Arts and Popular Traditions was selected as a suitable venue due in particular to its vastness which enabled safe distancing to be easily practised by both audience members and the participants.

The renowned founding director of the FCA, Maestra Marcella Crudeli organised the competitive event in partnership with EPTA and Rotary Club of Rome.

Entitled “Magisterium di Appronfondimento Musical Pianistico Competition 2019-20” the event showcased six highly talented and vibrant young pianists who had travelled from across Italy especially to display their talent and skills.

16yrs old Michele Apollonio from Campobasso (Molise),17yrs old Matteo Pierro from Potenza (Basilicata),14yrs old Emanuele Nazzareno Piovesan from Gallarate (Lombardia),19 years old Emanuele Savron from Trieste (Friuli-Venezia), 20yrs old Marco Stallone from Avellino (Campania) and 17yrs old Lorenzo Stasi from Rossano Calabro (Calabria). The Orchestra was led by the conductor Maestro Daniele Camiz.

The Orchestra was led by the conductor Maestro Daniele Camiz. The chair of the jury was Aldo Imerito and its other members were Maestra Marcella Crudeli, Prof. Maestra Silvia Rinaldi and Ammiraglio Giovanni Vitaloni.

Pictured in the group photo are the six young pianists, the concert master Daniele Grazioli, the Jury, President of the Rotary Club Roma Ovest Giovanni Grazioli, the former President Giuseppe Perrone, the Maestro Marrone d’Alberti and Nina Orenga de Gaffory Orsini from the Cuomo Foundation.

The 30th Roma International Piano Competition organized by the FCA will take place 7th-18th May,2021. The Cuomo Foundation will, for the 17th consecutive year, be the principal official sponsor for the prestigious event.

Nina Orenga de Gaffory Orsini
Rome, October 4, 2020

Roma International Piano Competition


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