Dynamic, prize winning, rising young Senegalese rap star Laye Toké has released his latest music video on YouTube. It is a celebration of the Cuomo Foundations charitable actions in the fields of health care and education and in particular, the Cuomo Cardio-paediatric Center in Dakar which opened in 2017 and features prominently in Laye’s latest music video.

The origins of this musical tribute are in the friendship between the young Laye Toké and the older established artist Aziz N’Diaye. Both born in the city of Thiès, the visual artist Aziz N’Diaye recently unveiled his latest artwork completed during lockdown—a depiction of gratitude and tribute to the medical staff at the CCPC for their tremendous courage, self-sacrifice and commitment during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic crisis.




Nobody shall worry about their health-We have Cuomo
For educational assistance-We have Cuomo
Also for culture and the environment-We have Cuomo
On the economy and the social needs-We have the help of Cuomo
Cuomo, Cuomo-We say Cuomo
Cuomo, Cuomo, Cuomo Foundation



The love of Alfredo and Maria Elena Cuomo is more beneficial to us than that of Romeo and Juliet
The couple gave birth to a son called Cuomo Foundation
Since 2001 it has helped vulnerable people
They made a great leap forward in education
With the construction of a grand school
The people of Tamil Nadu thank this Foundation
For the telecommunications and online courses During this period of confinement
Culture has not been left stranded, support for artists
Has not only been for the population of Monaco
Other countries have benefitted they even awarded scholarships to students in
Monaco, Italy, India-everyone can benefit from it



Center Cardio-Paediatric Cuomo in Dakar
Senegal now has hope thanks to CCPC
The death rate linked to cardio diseases is falling with over 500 operations in a year
The first cardio paediatric centre in West Africa with treatments that meet international standards
Thousands of lives have been saved since 2017 and even Covid-19 patients in 2020
Alfredo Cuomo “Oh Yeah!”
Maria Elena “Oh Yeah!”
At the heart of the education “Yes, Yes”
The education of the heart “We say Cuomo”

Centre Cardio-Pédiatrique Cuomo

Dakar, Senegal

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