The Foundation travelled to Burkina Faso in March 2016 to observe and discuss funding further partnership actions with two local action groups.

In the North, the Zeine collective spearheaded by a local farmer, is a cooperative based in Gorom-Gorom, who operates successful water wells for the local and neighbouring regions. Close to the Sahara Desert, with a severe lack of resources, these actions funded by the Foundation, have improved the quality of daily existence for the entire population. Safe driking water and easy access has enabled cattle dairies and farmers to thrive and grow and womenfolk have gained freedom from the hours and dangers previously involved in collecting water. In addition, the Zeine collective operates the Alpha Project: adult literacy and numeracy classes.

In the South, the Dizenidani association, funded by the Foundation, has created learning and sport projects that are educating and supporting the local young in Tiebele. In addition, a project is underway to protect the ancient female art of decorating the traditional Gourounsi architecture of the Kassena people, the oldest ethnic tribe in Burkina Faso dating from the 15th century.

The Foundation arranged a meeting with the Ministry of Culture and supports the association in its bid for UNESCO world heritage recognition.

Burkina Faso - drilling for water-shortage populations

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