As every year, the ADPET association of Tiébélé (Burkina Faso) is preparing to launch the first part of its annual activities in March 2016. Sports and culture are thus highlighted through a series of activities planned throughout the month of March. Since 2014, the Foundation has been supporting these activities, which aim to inculcate civic values among the youth.

This year, the “Dizenidani Cup” football tournament will be held for the 4th consecutive year. This competition, which pits the region’s best teams from middle and high schools, aims to convey, through football, the universal values of sport, with “Solidarity” at the forefront. It is also an opportunity for young athletes to hone their skills by competing against the best players in the region.

The “dora” painting competition, the other main event, will see the organisation of its second edition. Reserved for girls from nearby schools, this competition pays tribute to the “kassena” culture, of which “dora” painting remains one of the most remarkable expressions. This is the painting technique used in the famous Royal Court of Tiébélé, a jewel of the so-called “Gourunasi” architecture. The site is in the running for its inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Traditionally, this painting that adorns the facades of the houses is carried out by women as a means of good governance of the household. It is also, for this people, a moment of filiation of their traditional values during which the older women transmit their ancestral knowledge to young girls. Threatened with extinction in the face of the changes taking place in contemporary Burkinabe society, this tradition is finding a new lease of life through this competition that aims its perpetuation.

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