The Foundation was invited to attend the annual ‘Family & Friends’ dance cabaret created and performed by the Princess Grace Academy of Dance. Housed in the magnificent belle époque Villa Casa Mia, formerly owned by the Singer family of the sewing machine empire, it was purchased by the government and established as the Academy by Princess Grace in 1975.

The event was organised by the students as a tribute to their teachers, the Academy and above all their ‘maestro’ Luca Masala, the Artistic director.

40 students between 13-18 yrs. performed – including the 2016 graduates who have all successfully secured positions with major professional dance companies in Sweden, Germany, Switzerland and Monaco.

Under Luca Masalas’ dynamic leadership the school has evolved producing vibrant committed highly disciplined and motivated young dancers. After a highly successful international dance and teaching career he was appointed artistic director in 2009. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge but also a determination to instil and equip his young protégés with the necessary tools required to pursue their passions in the harsh professional competitive world. Luca travels the world attending open auditions for prospective students. His criteria is tough and many do not make it through the process. Selection is purely through raw talent and not financial considerations with the majority of attendees on scholarships. Many travel thousands of miles, leaving their families, cultures, etc. behind at the tender age of 13 yrs. to board with the school. He provides a close-knit family orientated environment ‘home away from home’ for these driven, disciplined young future stars of tomorrow. The Foundation is proud to be supporting these young people with their visions and dreams.

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