Founded in 1989 by the internationally renowned pianist Marcella Crudeli, this competition annually honours talented young pianists and helps them build an international career.

The support that the Cuomo Foundation has been providing since 2005 has been decisive in the success of the competition over the years.

The members of the Foundation, presided by its President, participated in the awards evening which ended on October 25, 2014.
This year, the prestigious “Chopin” prize was awarded to the young Chinese pianist, twenty-year-old Guang CHEN.


List of the winners
  • Premio Roma (under 35)
    Guang CHEN (China)
  • Premio Duo – Two pianos
    Karolin STEGMANN (Germany)
    Friederike STEGMANN (Germany)
  • Premio Duo – Four hands
    Anastasiya GOROKHOVTCEVA (Russia)
    Ekaterina MURAVYOVA (Russia)
  • Premio Solo B (under 25)
    Maxim KINASOV (Russia)
  • Premio Solo A (under 20)
    Uram KIM (South Korea)

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