Due to the current global health pandemic and the enormous restrictions and uncertainties that the crisis has created, the difficult decision has been taken that the 2020 Premio Roma Danza competition organised by the National Academy of Dance in Rome will still go ahead as planned but only on a digital stage.

The annual week long dance competition has been held on the grounds of the Academy in Rome. The main events are performed at the prestigious open air ‘Teatro Grande ‘which overlooks the ancient splendour of the Circus Maximus and the historical district of Aventino, one of the seven hills of Rome.

Since it began in 2001, it has become one of the most prestigious global dance competitions and attracts many young entrants nationally and internationally. The current severe restrictions on gatherings, the closures of schools, universities, academies and theatres and the uncertainties of travel have made the traditional auditions and performances impossible. “Culture “ notes Professor Enrica Palmieri, Director of the Academy since 2017, “is certainly one of the sectors most affected and the one that will probably reopen its doors last, at least in Italy. But the closure of the theatres will not prevent dance from existing! “.

She believes that it is up to those involved in culture to invent and create new and original practises and methods of working and to exploit the current new situation.

It is this challenge that the National academy of Dance has set itself by deciding to present the 2020 Premio Roma Danza competition digitally online. As a precursor to this ambitious proposed event, the Academy participated successfully in the International Dance Day 24hrs marathon that was streamed live through various social platforms on 29th April. It was produced jointly with the AND Library and was an exciting programme of performances, talks, multimedia presentations and archival footage. The International Dance Day was a big viewing success on line and the technology was proof that dance could re-invent itself and thrive through these challenging times.

The 2020 Premio Roma Danza competition is scheduled from 8th-12th July. During the 4 day event the jury members will simultaneously view the selected video entries alongside the public being able to view the candidates performances through various streaming platforms and social networks. For this special year the competition will focus only on choreography and video dance with the sections divided into 5 categories-Dance Movie, Smartphone Dance, Dance Documentary, Computer Dance Animation and Published Dance Movie. In addition to prizes awarded in these 5 categories there will be a special prize awarded by the public following on line voting.

The Cuomo Foundation will be sponsoring the event by funding all of the individual prize awards.

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