Photo: Maestro Marcella Crudeli and Maria Elena Cuomo with the partners of the “Roma” International Piano Competetion – 27.10.2017

On October 27, the Foundation took part in the press conference of the International Piano Competition Roma 2017, organized by the Associazione Culturale “Fryderyk Chopin”.

The conference moderated by the Italian journalist Massimiliano Morelli was chaired by Maestro Marcella Crudeli. Along with Maria Elena Cuomo, the President of the Foundation, other partners of the annual piano competition attended the event. Among them, Mrs. Maura Gentile, President of the “UNESCO Club di Roma” and Mrs. Carola Penna, President of the “Commission XII – Turismo e Moda e Relazioni Internazionali”.

As a special guest of the occasion, Maestro Enrico Camerini, pianist and piano teacher at the “Conservatorio di Campobasso” gave a moving testimony during the press event. The very first winner of the 1991 Chopin Grand Prix, Maestro Camerini, praised the longevity of the competition, which then served as a real boost for his career. This was also a point that Mrs. Elena Cuomo put forward during her speech. While applauding the perseverance and energy of Maestro Crudeli, the President of the Foundation payed tribute to the hard work of young pianists “who break a sweat behind the curtains to shine on the stage…”

The international competition founded by Maestro Crudeli is celebrating the 27th anniversary this year. The press conference was held in the “Sala del Carroccio” of the Capitol’s Senate Palace—a place rooted in the Italian humanism, a tradition that the “Roma” contest aspires to embody.

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