Ana Carolina Amarillo (Argentina), Researcher on the effects of climate change, is a Cuomo Foundation Fellow

« I hope everyone is healthy. In Argentina, we are in quarantine since Thursday 19. In my case, I started the quarantine some days before, because two cases were confirmed in the Chemistry Faculty the week before starting the quarantine.

So, the entire Córdoba University decided to stop classes. We can’t go out unless you are from the police, a journalist, a doctor or sell food.

I am optimistic about the decision of our President because he decided early to make our people stay home. Hopefully, this will give us time, and hospital won’t collapse.

I am working at home, I have a lot of things to do in my computer. Also, I teach Chemistry in my Faculty, we are very busy preparing the on line classes.

I had to do a sampling of particulate matter on March. But it will have to wait.

In Argentina, we feel very sad about the situation in the whole world. And we receive more news about Italy and Spain. We are very sad about them.

I hope everyone of you is OK.

I send you warm greetings.”

Dr. Ana Carolina Amarillo

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