Alfredo Cuomo scholarship students meet is conducted every year at the beginning of an academic year, usually in the month of July. Due to the pandemic situation and the restrictions imposed by the Government in India, especially in the state of Tamil Nadu, the meeting was delayed this year.

Now, the lockdown being eased, the meeting could finally be organized in Kovalam on the Sep. 16 and in Sendivakkam on the Sep. 17. The standard operating procedures (SOP) recommended by the Government (Social distancing and wearing Mask) were closely observed.

Purpose of this meeting was to invite new scholarship students into our Cuomo Foundation Family. This year, 45 new students were incorporated into this program : 25 students from Kovalam, 10 from Sendivakkam and another 10 from K.G.Kandigai. With this new class, the total number of beneficiaries amounts 617.

During the meeting, students were asked to share their pandemic experiences along with the present situation of their daily classes. Most of the college students attend online classes every day since the colleges are yet to open officially. It is also an occasion for the scholarship holders from early years to evaluate their yearly progresses in their college studies.

New students appreciated and thanked Madam Elena Cuomo, the President of the Cuomo Foundation for her kind gesture and immaculate assistance in supporting the deprived students to continue their college studies. It is indeed a big support for the students since most of the parents face an uphill task of supporting their children due to this pandemic outbreak.

Both the meeting was organised by Charles Kulandai, the Indian Representative of the Cuomo Foundation in India.

In parallel to theses meetings, another gathering was organised by the teachers from the Foundation-funded Sendivakkam school. The purpose of the event was to thank Madam Elena Cuomo and the Foundation for the generous contribution provided to cover the staff’s monthly salary support. The support provided to the Diocese of Chingleput allows to pay the salaries of 123 teachers in 18 schools in the area.

– Charles Kulandai, Sep 17, 2020, Chennai – India

Alfredo Cuomo Scholarship Program


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