The inauguration of the new “green” school of Mambakkam is approaching. Designed by a local architect and competing for the LEED award from the Indian Green Building Council, this building has a capacity of 800 students.

Most of the materials used and the entire workforce utilised are from the nearby region. Between 80 and 100 women are employed on the site. Brick is produced in the surrounding area. The wood comes from sustainable forests and recycled sources. The floor tiles made of the natural stone called “Tandur” comes from the Telangana region of Southern India. Tile cuts are reused in wastewater recycling.

The school has numerous facilities for academic and extra-curricular activities. A total of 21 classrooms are built along with a multi-purpose hall that can serve as both an examination room and an auditorium to showcase students’ cultural activities.

A computer lab is underway to accommodate 30 stations. Two other scientific laboratories will also be implemented. A second assembly area is located outside the main building so that the local population can also use it for their various community activities, creating thus a direct link between the new complex and its surrounding.

Photovoltaic solar panels are being installed on the school roof to provide the school with 100% renewable energy.

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Tamil Nadu, South of India

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