Photo: Ms. Maria Elena Cuomo, Mr. Francisco A. Diaz Lison and Ms. Sarah Lieberson with Dr. R. Nagarajan and Ms. Vidhiya Saravanan of the Indian Institute of Technology Madras at a work session – Chennai, July 7, 2017

As part of the future partnership between the Foundation and the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM) in Chennai, an outreach event on climate change is planned for the new Mambakkam High School. Workshops and seminars completing the school curriculum will thus be conducted at the IITM premises by the academics. This multidisciplinary program designed for both students and teachers will be overseen by a scientific committee led by Mr. James Rajanayagam, Senior Advisor of the Chennais-based technological institute.

The initiative aims to raise awareness of young generations on current environmental issues to which the population of this region is particularly exposed. The event will also be a valuable asset in the report that the Foundation has submitted to the Indian Green Building Council in order to obtain the “LEED” certificate for this new higher secondary school.

While boosting the nascent partnership between the Foundation and the IITM, this awareness programme demonstrates the Foundation’s involvement in the ecological issues around the world. Such initiatives are already active in different regions with high-profile international partners such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, Thuyloi University in Vietnam and Las Tunas University in Cuba.

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