The Foundation is building its seventh school in Tamil Nadu.

Today the Amala Annai High School is housed in rundown derelict buildings with cramped classrooms and lacks even the basic requirements for running an effective school and grounds for its 750 pupils.

The new school, relocated to a green and open space approx. a mile away, will be a flagship school providing well-ventilated, efficient classrooms and well equipped, spacious and safe working environments for 800 pupils and staff.

A female Architect Ms Priya Lourduraj is designing this ambitious project.

Her engagement on this project marks the 3rd generation of her family’s partnership with the Foundation. Her grandfather’s building firm built the first schools for the Foundation, subsequently her father, Mr Alphonso Sagayadoss, continued the building works for further school projects.

The Foundations support and interest in research and climate change initiatives through various global actions meant that it agreed to apply for the IGBC award for this current Indian project. This is a complex and lengthy process that requires additional skills and commitment from all its partners. It is a challenge that both the Foundation and Priya Louduraj are prepared for.

A short profile of Priya Lourduraj-Chief Architect and Designer of Mambakkam School projects for the Cuomo Foundation.

I was born in 1985, the eldest of 3 sisters and grew up in Chennai. I received my high school graduation 2003(First Grade) from Rosary Matriculation Higher Secondary School at Santhome and then attended Sathyabama University, Chennai graduating with a Bachelors Degree on Architecture (B. Arch) (First Grade) in 2008

I am a member of the Indian Institute of Architects IIA, a recognised architect by the Council of Architecture COA, Delhi, (the governing body for Architectural Academics and Practice in India) with a license to practice and teach Architecture & Design in India.

I have travelled extensively throughout India, Europe, China and Asia Pacific.

The Mambakkam school project is a dream come true for every Architect – to work on a model school design in a rural area of Tamil Nadu – it’s a totally different experience and challenge to design a school incorporating all the best infrastructure facilities and modern design of a city school yet in a rural location – transforming the life style and aiding in the elevation of the profile and well being of students not only in their curricular achievements. A better place – leads to a better environment – a better society.

What’s even more interesting about this School design is the IGBC award and LEED certification that it is trying to achieve – This is all the more challenging and inspiring as a project architect and designer – to work for the betterment of the society, in today’s world situations on ‘Global warming’ and ‘Climate Change’.

Ever since my Childhood, by virtue of being a part of a family which is deep rooted in the field of Construction and Civil Engineering for over two generations – it has always been my passion and ambition to pursue a career in the same field and I believe I have inherited the ability to visualize, appreciate and innovate designs as part and parcel of my thought process. I am grateful to my families and societies support in allowing me to succeed in my ambitions.

It is a pleasure and honour to be associated with the Cuomo Foundation on their projects in India, as I am the third generation in my family after my late grandfather, Mr. D. Ratchagadoss Doss and my father, Mr. R. Sagayadoss (M/s. Perpetual Builders) who is the builder for the Foundation projects in India.

It seems only yesterday that I first met Mr. Alfredo and Mrs. Elena Cuomo as a young schoolgirl yet today I am working with the Foundation in a professional relationship.

I personally thank Mrs. Elena and all the team members of the Foundation who have given me this wonderful opportunity of being a part of their Educational Mission in India.”

– Chennai, March 2016

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