The Centre Cardio- Pediatrique Cuomo du Dakar is a groundbreaking project in partnership with La Chaîne de L’Espoir. The pediatric heart surgery medical Centre began construction in 2014 and continues on target for completion in early 2017.

‘Groupe D-10’ the Senegalese artists group commissioned by the Foundation to produce artwork is in collaboration with the engineers to integrate their collective work in the interiors and exteriors of the centre.

Here is a preview of this artistic project in 3D visuals.

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Professional Training Programme of CCPC

On January 14th, 2016, Mrs Maria Elena Cuomo and Mr Francsico A. Diaz Lison visited Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam to oversee the professional training programme of the future Centre Cardio-Pédiatrique Cuomo (CCPC).

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