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Sendivakkam rend hommage à la mémoire d’Alfredo Cuomo

We should thank Cuomo Foundation for giving us a beautiful school building with a quality education which serves to hundreds of students. Can we clap and thank them?

I don’t want to speak for a long time. You are also not ready. So I want to say only one thing. We have been given with so many facilities. We have to make use of the opportunities to study well. As the Educational officer said in his speech to attain 100% of results in your exam every year, you should attain 100% results in the coming year. But not only in education but also in discipline. You all should be a future star. I congratulate you all. Today R.C. school has been renamed as Alfredo Cuomo Higher Secondary School.

Many years back he came and saw this barren land and built a beautiful school. Do you know who he is. Allfredo Cuomo and now he is not with us. He has gone to God. In memory of his love, this school has been renamed after his name. At this juncture, we need to thank the officials from the Education department CEO and the DEO.

You all should listen now.

All the Cuomo Foundation friends are waiting to help you. They have already done so much. These works should not be in vain. You should produce good results. That is our desire. I thank all the people who work for the growth of this school teachers, PTA, Parish priest and the correspondent of our school and brothers and sisters who support him.

Dear Mrs Elena, Mr Peter Hungerbhuler, Mr Diaz, Mr Gilles Dreyfus, DEO and all other dignitaries here Charles Kulandai and all my friends. It’s once again my pleasure and privilege to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have done at Sendivakkam. Yesterday I thanked you in a special way for your contributions in Mambakkam. Today it’s my duty to thank you in a special way for what you are doing here at Sendivakkam.

Over these past many years your contribution is immense in Sendivakkam and we do appreciate. Today I would like very specially remember Alfredo Cuomo our great friend, benefactor and in fact this function is to honor the memory of this great personality. And we should have in fact had this renaming of the school much earlier but unfortunately things could not fall in place. But now at least we have achieved it and happy and I am sure you are happy too. So God bless all your wonderful service to the suffering humanity and we will cherish your friendship, your partnership always. God bless you, God bless the Foundation.

Alfredo Cuomo visiting is greeted by The Most Rev. Dr. A. Neethinathan – Sendivakkam, 2009

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