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Support to Schools in India

In partnership with the Dioceses of Madras Mylapore and Chingleput (Tamil Nadu)

“One act of compassion leading to a life-long commitment…”

Tamil Nadu, South India

Alfredo and Maria Elena Cuomo first came into contact with the local populations and their needs of Tamil Nadu in 1999. Their desire to give them, mainly the youngsters, a helping hand, shaped their philanthropic impulse and ultimately paved the way to creating a foundation which would bear their names.

The first school to receive foundation’s support and guidance was John d’Monte Primary Schoool, located in the remote coastal village of Kovalam. Soon after, the Cuomo Foundation built its first school compound, St. Joseph’s Higher Sec. School, then a rudimentary structure barely suitable for any occupation, let alone a school for children.

Years of Partnership

School Compounds

Daily Beneficiaries

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Sir John d’Monte Primary School

The Foundation supports the maintenance of this pre-existing primary school, which supplies a basic education for nearly 350 boys and girls (age range 5 yrs – 10 yrs).

All classes are taught in Tamil, with weekly additional classes in English.



St. Joseph’s Higher Sec. School

The first and largest series of projects began in Covelong, known locally as Kovalam. A small pre-existing basic school site where pupils ate and slept in the open bare ground, has now been transformed into a highly successful educational compound. Major purpose-built  structures have been built since 2001.

Almost 3,000 pupils (age range 3 yrs – 18 yrs), mostly from disadvantaged backgrounds are educated and cared for annually.

Although administered by Catholic Priests, the schools offer a multi-faith education in Tamil and English to Hindus, Muslims and Christians.

St Joseph Senior High School consists of 4 substantial buildings – including a technical learning centre, a fully equipped chemistry laboratory, a library and computer studies facilities.

There are over 50 classrooms with just over 2,200 boys and girls (age range 11 yrs – 18 yrs) receiving a full education in Tamil, English teaching of subjects is available to some students. 


Separate Boarding Homes for Girls and Boys


This purpose-built dormitories were completed in 2002. They house respectively up to 100 and 200 pupils.

The girls’ facility accommodates boarders in separate rooms, each containing 6 beds. The boys’ facility is a big dormitory with  adjoining toilets and showers.

Both boarding houses are equipped with dining halls, large kitchens, study rooms as well as recreational areas.



Capacity of The Boarding Home for Girls

Capacity of The Boarding Home for Boys


Mount Carmel Nursery & Primary School, Kovalam


Mount Carmel Primary School is a purpose-built 2 storey building comprising 12 separate classrooms, with an adjoining Nursery School accommodating the infants.

Nearly 600 boys and girls (age range 3 yrs – 10 yrs) are provided with a basic education, all classes are taught in English. This school was built within the compounds of St. Joseph’s Higher Sec. School.


Alfredo Cuomo Higher Secondary School, Sendivakkam

The R.C. Higher Sec School was completed in 2005 establishing a highly successful purpose-built school with over 15 large classrooms, a library, computer studies facilities and fully equipped biology, chemistry and physics laboratories. Approximately 750 boys and girls attend the school (age range 11-18 yrs).

An additional school building with extra classrooms and facilities was completed in early 2008, able to accommodate a further 300 students. All subjects are taught in Tamil where as teaching of subjects in English is also available to qualified students.

In 2015 an additional covered outdoor pavilion was built to allow a study and resting area for the pupils.

On April 12, 2019, as a gesture of acknowlegement for the contribution of late Alfredo Cuomo, the Tamil Nadu School Director Procedures renamed the school Alfredo Cuomo Higher Secondary School.


Separate Boarding Homes for Girls and Boys


Two separate purpose-built dormitories were completed in early 2006, built within the compounds of the Alfredo Cuomo Higher Sec. School, in the rural area of Sendivakkam.

The separate boarding houses provide students with dining halls, recreational rooms, study and sleeping rooms, toilets and showers.

Multi-purpose Hall

This building was built within the compounds of the Alfredo Cuomo Higher Sec. School. Completed in 2006, the building is used for various school activities and functions throughout the year and is also used as a multi-purpose community centre for the local inhabitants of Sendivakkam.


Capacity of The Boarding Home for Girls

Capacity of The Boarding Home for Boys


Cathedral Free Primary School

A purpose-built two-storey school, including fully equipped playground area, was completed in early 2006 which provides free education for over 600 boys and girls (age range 5-10 yrs). An additional open air covered teaching area was built in 2009.


St. Anthony’s Primary School

The Cuomo Foundation helps to support this existing school by providing school equipment such as uniforms, books, etc.

It has also financed the complete renovation of school buildings.



St. Charles Higher Sec. School

To help support regular attendance at the local schools, the Cuomo Foundation built a boarding home for boys on the grounds of St. Charles Higher Sec. School in KG Kandigai, a remote village located 100km west to Chennai.

Completed in 2005, the dormitories accommodate male students of from 11-18 years old.

The complex provides a dining hall, kitchen, study and recreational rooms, toilets and showers.

The home can accomodates up to 100 girls of  and provides them with all the basic necessities.

Following the success of the boys boarding home, a similar building with full facilities was completed in 2010 for girls. This action has enabled female students to regularly attend St. Charles Higher Sec. School.


Amala Annai Higher Sec. School

In 2015, a large-scale school construction project was initiated in the rural village of Mambakkam in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, India. The new Amala Annai High school replaces the distressed rundown original school buildings on a new site with a capacity for 800 pupils from 11 to 18 years old.

Built adhering to strict green ecological guidelines and regulations, the school was awarded in March 2018 the IGBC Platinum Rating by the Indian Green Build Council. The IGBC is India’s leading body for green certification. The school obtained this recognition in particular for its use of sustainable materials, methods and practice during construction and for the originality of its curriculum focused on green education and recycling.

In 2018, the construction works were completed. The inauguration took place June 20, 2019.



Soil Preservation Measures

Tree sapling and lawn spreads to control erosion
Reuse of stockpiled soil for landscaping A comprehensive water drainage system across the compound

Certified Wood

Eco-friendly certified wood has been used for up to 32% of total wood requirements
Recycled glass, steel and aluminium account for 32% of raw-materials

Sustainable Energy

High rate of openable areas guarantees air-flow & daylight supply
20% of the energy resources required by the compound is provided by renewable sources

Sustainable Water Practices

Water-efficient plumbing fixtures capable of saving 26% of annual water use
Water-efficient landscaping covering a surface of 7 475 m2, with priority given to native and draught tolerant tree species

Waste Segregation

Organic waste collected through coloured bin is sent to the vermi- compost facility located in the school campus
Compost will be recycled as fertiliser and soil amendment

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