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Photo : H.S.H Prince Albert II de Monaco, Mrs Muriel Natali-Laure and Mrs Maria Elena Cuomo with donators and volunteers of the association © MDP 2017

« A highly commendable effort to erase the suffering of a person, confronted by such an injustice which cuts that person off from the relational world : a despair which cannot be measured… It is even more unfair as soon as it beholds children,” wrote Mrs Maria Elena Cuomo three years ago in her testimony published 2014 Annual Report of Monaco Disease Power.

What the President of the Cuomo Foundation evokes here with admiration is La Maison d’Amélie. “Help them, help their parents and their families, is not only a gesture of compassion — rather a duty; an obligation ! » she emphases.

La Maison d’Amélie, which had just been opened by H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, begins this years its fourth year of activity. 4 years which brought a lot of happiness to those in need.

“Monaco Disease Power celebrates its 10th anniversary. ​​10 years, during which Muriel has utilised all her energy as a woman, a mother, a wife and an entrepreneur to canalise all the odds liable to help her in this adventure. Its next step : the expansion of her “family”. Muriel now plans to double the capacity of the guest house dedicated to the handicapped: a gift to Amelie and to all the children looking for a more attention, love and understanding. I admire Muriel for her spontaneity, for her freshness and for her fierce determination in the battle she engages herself in.”

– Maria Elena Cuomo


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