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Père Anthony Joseph, missionnaire du Diocèse de Chingleput (Tamil Nadu, Inde) et chercheur au sein de l’Université pontificale urbanienne, vient de publier sa thèse de Doctorat.

Entitled “The Credibility of Witnesses in The Marriage Nullity Trials“, the research project was printed with the Cuomo Foundation’s financial contribution. The thesis had already obtained validation from the Vatican University last spring, an event attended by Maria Elena Cuomo.

The President of the Cuomo Foundation has indeed followed the academic career of the young missionary with admiration for almost 20 years now, from their first meeting in Kovalam, this small fishing village where the Indian projects of the Cuomo Foundation took root. Those days, thanks to his fluency in English, the young seminarian worked as an interpreter for the executive teams of the Foundation on humanitarian mission in Tamil Nadu. Since then, the Cuomo Foundation has regularly encouraged and financially helped the exemplary academic career of the Indian priest—one that took him from his native coastal village located in Southern India to the epicentre of the Christian world.

Undertaken under the supervision of Professors Ernest Bonaventura Ogbonnai Okonkwo, Elias Frank and Luigi Sabbarese, the commercial version of the thesis will soon be released by the Urbaniana University Press, the prestigious publishing house affiliated with the Vatican University.

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