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The Gran Chaco is the largest “dry forest” in Latin America and the second largest forest area after the Amazon. Due to soybean cultivation and cattle ranching, the rate of deforestation in the Gran Chaco is among the highest in the world.

Pedro Fernandez, an Argentinian researcher supported by the Cuomo Foundation since 2019, is looking into this problem. His doctoral project measures the viability of silvopastoral systems in meat and milk production.

Silvopastoralism consists of grazing the forest to exploit the fodder resources under the trees. According to Mr. Fernandez’ research results, this system can produce up to 10 times more meat than traditional systems by conserving as much has 70% of the biomass…

The studies conducted by Pedro Fernandez show that silvopastoralism could finally find a sound balance between regional economy and the ecosystem of the Gran Chaco… This is the purpose of this documentary, shot on location and based on his doctoral project.

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