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The International Panel of Governmental Climate Change (IPCC) released the second part of its Sixth Assessment Report (AR6) on 28 February, 2022.

Entitled Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability, the Working Group II contribution to the Sixth Assessment Report assesses the impacts of climate change, looking at ecosystems, biodiversity, and human communities at global and regional levels. Dongfeng Li.

It also reviews vulnerabilities and the capacities and limits of the natural world and human societies to adapt to climate change.

In IPCC’s recently released AR6 Working Group II Report ,three of Dr Dongfeng Li’s research papers are cited in the contributions in Chapters 4 : Water and Chapter 5 : Food, fibre, and other ecosystem products. Dr Dongfeng Li is a 2017-2020 recipient of the Cuomo Foundation funded IPCC Scholarship program and received his PhD in September, 2021 for his thesis ‘The response of water and sediment flows to climate change in Asian highland rivers ‘.

Dr Li is amongst the 23 young research scientists that have been funded in their doctorial work by the Cuomo Foundation since the Foundation began funding the IPCC Scholarship programme on Climate Change Research in 2013.

Photos © Dongfeng Li

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