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2012 Alfredo Cuomo Scholarship Program

Since 2004, the Cuomo Foundation has provided scholarships for further education to the most promising students from the schools it funds in Tamil Nadu, South India.

So far, more than 500 young adults have successfully entered the workforce as a result of this project. Almost all of them gain work in white collar employment; an achievement which these young adults, mostly from isolated rural districts of Tamil Nadu, would not have been able to do if not for the financial support provided by the Cuomo Foundation throughout their formative academic years.

Recently we received testimonies from some of these young professionals, whose lives have been completely transformed through the education they received and the financial security they are now experiencing. This new generation, full of self-assurance, reflects the stature their country has acquired as an emerging global power.

Here are some of their messages:

… I attended St Charles Higher Sec. School, K.G.Kandigai. I am currently pursuing my final year of a B.Tech IT degree at the Sri Sairam Engineering College, Chennai. I am happy to inform you that I have been selected for an Associate Software Engineer role at ACCENTURE in India. I am truly thankful for the scholarship. The Cuomo Foundation scholarship contribution to my education is so genius and allowed me to continue to focus on my studies. Thank you once again…

K. Karthik (attended St Charles Higher Sec. School, K.G.Kandigai – awarded Alfredo Cuomo Scholarship 2018-2021 )

…This year, I completed my bachelor’s degree in Cath Lab Technology and I just got my first job as a trainee Cath Lab Scrub Technologist. I am here to thank you for your kind support for my education. Because of your help only can I achieve my dreams. You gave me a way to my great future. I will always remember your kind support. Thank you so much for your help

A. Shipana (attended St Joseph’s Higher Sec School, Kovalam – awarded Alfredo Cuomo Scholarship 2017-2020)

“…I am one of the recipients of the Cuomo Foundation student scholarship programs. I am now working as a software engineer at ACCENTURE in India. I am writing this to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to you for providing my financial support to complete my college studies. This encouragement gives us a motivation to reach the next level of our lives. You are setting an example for many people, including me. Once again, thank you for your tremendous support…”

Kerena Ramu (attended St Charles Higher Sec.School, K.G.Kandigai – awarded Alfredo Cuomo Scholarship 2014-2018 )

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