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As per the order of Tamil Nadu government, the schools and colleges across the State were reopened on Sep 1 following strict health guidelines.

The classes concerned range from 9th to 12th standards. A Standard operating procedure (SOP) to be applied has been issued down by the government authorities.

Anticipating the school reopening, the government had previously organised vaccination camps specially designed for teachers and students within the school compounds.

Once admitted, the students are advised to follow social distancing while only 20 students per class are being allowed to attend classes. The new-look, restricted curriculum means that it will be all study and no play until further notice.

The schools of the Cuomo Foundation reopened on 1 September… The first assignments of the new school year are awareness and prevention.

The students showed up this morning at the schools with lots of zeal and enthusiasm. They seemed to be genuinely happy and relieved to be there and to meet with teachers in person after a long time.

The usual online sessions are maintained to assure an uninterrupted continuation of learning for the students whose classes are yet to reopen. The Tamil Nadu government is in the process of deciding on a full reopening of all schools in the region by mid-September.

– Charles Kulandai (Cuomo Foundation Representative in India)
Chennai, Septembre 1, 2021

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