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The FIT INDIA Movement was launched as a Narendra Modi government initiative in 2019 ,with the aims of encouraging physical education and activity in the daily lives of Indians especially the young.

To support this mission the FIT INDIA SCHOOL certification promotes the teaching of physical well-being within school institutions.

The certification is awarded to those schools who apply and meet the following parameters; a trained and fit PE teacher, 60 mins of student participation in PE activities daily and an equipped playground area able to support a minimum of 2 outdoor games. The Alfredo Cuomo Higher Secondary School has recently met all of these criteria and is one of the first schools, locally, to be awarded this distinction.

In 2005, the Cuomo Foundation funded the building of this purpose built secondary school for over 1,000 girls and boys and continues to support its daily operations and maintenance costs. The school is located in Sendivakkam in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, India.

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