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The Scream (2020), Aziz N’Diaye, mixed media, 120 x 120 cm © Cuomo Foundation

The Cuomo Foundation recently purchased Senegalese artist Aziz N’Diaye latest artwork. Entitled Le Cri (The Scream), it is the socially politically conscious artists’ creative response to the global health crisis and the resilience of the women and men facing it.

The three-dimensional artwork on canvas employs recycled mixed media and painting using bas-relief and plaster to create and accentuate figures and objects. The artist describes it as ‘survivalist art’ and it embodies his ability to interpret and reflect in a visually inventive style the current state of global issues confronting us all.

As the pandemic reached its health crisis height in Senegal last year N’Diaye completed and presented the Cuomo Cardio Paediatric Centre (CCPC) in Dakar with a large scale vibrant musical themed painting as his tribute to the commitment, courage and self-sacrifice of the CCPC medical centres health workers. N’Dyiaye lives and works in the city of Thies, 70 kms outside of Dakar where he paints and creates objects using recycled materials for the Senegalese Factory of Decorative Arts of Thiès.

He has collaborated on several important projects with the Cuomo Foundation most notably the Sene’Gala art exhibition (Monaco, 2008) and more recently the commissioned artistic murals designed for the interiors and exteriors of the Cuomo Cardio-Paediatric Centre (Dakar 2016) by the artist collective Groupe D-10, of which Aziz is a founding member.

Sene’Gala Exhibition and Charity Sale

Linked Projects

Centre Cardio-Pédiatrique Cuomo

Dakar, Senegal

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