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A live-streamed, virtual event held on 1 February bringing together health experts from around the globe. Professor Gilles Dreyfus, Medical and Scientific Director – Centre Cardio-Pédiatrique Cuomo participated in the talks.

1 février 2022

Topics covered:
  • Partnerships in health systems to achieve a balance
  • How the UAE is managing to host global events despite the pandemic
  • Health and medical tourism
  • The digital transformation of health through new technologies
  • For a more accurate health: Predicting and preventing diseases, and in this theme: “how to shape the future of cardiology and cardiac surgery”
  • Measure the evolution of the medical world
  • Promote high-level leadership concepts, make available the most comprehensive update of this sector and ensure that partners and stakeholders are informed of opportunities to improve global collaboration in the health field
  • Provide opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs to participate in the dialogue and foster the growth of the health and wellness sector as a catalyst for future progress
  • Analyze how the pandemic impacts our current and future health systems

Rachel McArthur: Medical journalist, founder and editor-in-chief of Digital Ink Media (UAE)


  • Dr. Peeter Padrik MD, PhD – Oncologist and entrepreneur (Estonia)
  • Prof. Gilles Dreyfus MD, FRCS, FESC, Medical and scientific director – Centre Cardio-Pédiatrique Cuomo/ CHU Fann (Senegal)
  • Dr. Istvan Petak, Founder & CEO – Oncompass Medicine (Hungary)

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