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The International School of Film and TV in Cuba, known as EICTV, has selected the Cuomo Foundation to receive this year’s prestigious FERNANDO BIRRI award. The FERNANDO BIRRI award was launched last year and honoured the Conference of Ibero-American Cinematographic Authorities, known as CAACI.

The award is presented annually to honour an individual or legal entity for their “aesthetic and humanistic” contribution in the fields of cinematography and audio visuals. The award’s distinction is to highlight and acknowledge an individual or an organisation that “creates, stimulates and disseminates audio visual works of high value, safeguarding, preserving and contributing to the training of new talents”.

In 2016, the Cuomo Foundation formed a partnership with EICTV to establish a program of scholarships for Latin American students in need of funding support to attend and train at the renowned institution. Today, eleven young filmmakers have already benefitted from this program.

Today, eleven young filmmakers have already benefitted from this program.

The award was created in memory of Fernando Birri (1925-2017), the Argentinian film maker and poet known as the “father of New Latin American Cinema” and who became the first director of EICTV. He was one of the founders of the pre-eminent Latin American international film and TV school alongside Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Julio Garcia Espinosa and Tomas Gutierrez Alea. The school was established in 1986 in San Antonio de Los Banos, Cuba. The Cuomo Foundation is honoured to receive this recognition and views it additionally as a posthumous tribute to its philanthropic founder, Alfredo Cuomo, who himself was an international film producer and a great friend of Cuba! Due to the current world health crisis, the presentation of this award, originally scheduled for this summer, has been postponed to next year.

Sandy Lieberson

Sandy Lieberson, CBE Film Producer and Educator, Awarded Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire in recognition of his services to the Film industry-2012

I am so pleased to see that the Cuomo Foundation has been awarded the prestigious Birri Award… and well deserved too. Your contributions to the scholarship programme has been a substantial help for both EICTV and the students.
I have had the pleasure and honour of meeting and working with Fernando Birri and Julio Garcia Espinosa. Both were gifted filmmakers and brought an energy and social conscious to the school which still persists to this day. I have been teaching at EICTV for over twenty years and and it stands alone among film schools as not just a place to learn about filmmaking but also gives the students an opportunity to discover another way of looking at society.

Sandy Lieberson

Scholarship Agreement with International Film and Television School in Cuba


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