Roshan and The Susairaj Family

Chennai, South India

After a difficult childhood and economic hardships had severely impacted Roshan and his family, the Cuomo Foundation implemented a program to overlook his development.

This full financial and emotional support
in both social and health rehabilitation for Roshan, his parents and sibling have significantly enabled them all.

In 2008, as a very young boy Roshan Susairaj suffered the loss of his lower limb. The extent of the amputation and a badly ill fitting prosthetic leg further added to his health complications. When he was 10 years old the Foundation was introduced to Roshan and began contributing to the young boy’s recovery and rehabilitation. He was fitted with a correct femoral prosthesis in 2013 and provided with appropriate physiotherapy.

The Foundations support initially focused only on Roshan’s primary medical needs but has gradually been extended to cover all aspects of his well-being, from his quality of education, schooling and extra-curricular activities to his extensive health procedures. This all-encompassing approach has contributed positively to improving both Roshan’s physical and mental health and his own sense of achievement during his formative adolescence.

This successful process of empowerment could not have been fully realised without also strengthening and enabling his entire family unit. Thus, over the last two years, a more comprehensive overall approach has been adopted.

Roshan’s older sister, Jenifer, was awarded a scholarship that enabled her to enter graduate school in Chennai. She is now in her third and last year of studying Business Management with hopes of a career in the banking industry. In addition, the scholarship supports Jenifer’s attendance to the English courses held at the British Council in Chennai, which Roshan also attends. Fluency in English is crucial, as her college course is conducted in English and ultimately will contribute to her success and confidence in the competitive job market.

Roshan and Jenifer’s mother Sujatha has also benefited from a program of vocational retraining and funding that has allowed her to regain a sense of self-worth and also support her family. After selecting to train as a qualified seamstress, she has opened her own Sari boutique and workshop in the Mylapore district of Chennai, close to her home. She is boosted not only by the financial independence she has created but also by the social life it makes possible.

Today, Sujatha approaches her future with confidence and her two children are undoubtedly the direct beneficiaries of the optimism that now prevails in their family.

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